Our Why

        SiMPLEE U is dedicated to providing you with services thar best fit you and your lifestyle. Our goal is to teach our guests how to love the hair they were given by using quality products, precision hair cuts and personalized color services. Instead of competing with your look, lets show you how to work with it on a lazy day or a night out with your friends. We are here for you. Nothing makes our day more then the moment you walk out the door with confidence. Each request is carefully listened to and analyzed to best fit you. From funky to sophisticated, we have something for everyone.

         We use only the highest quality of products. We are a Keune Concept Salon. Keune Haircosmetics is in over 80 countries world wide. It all started with one man who created the first Perm over 90 years ago. Keune is a family owned and operated hair cosmetic company. They have products for hair care, designing and hair color. . Any type of hair is welcome. Keune is dedicated to the Salon Professionals and has built strong relationships within the industry. Keune's mission is not to be the biggest in the industry but the best! Their mission is to bring out the true beauty in you.

       Allison Booth, the Owner of SiMPLEE U, is also a Keune Educator. She travels the country  to work side by side with cosmetologist on building themselves as professionals. She has been mentored by some of the best and top educators in the industry.  She continues to attend classes and also give classes to fellow professionals. SiMPLEE U isn't just about building our salon and guests, but also about building each other. Every stylist that works here is trained on a daily basis. We work as a team to help promote growth and to provide the best services we can.  

       SiMPLEE U. People wonder why the name. Since Allison was a 14 years old, she always had the dream of owning a salon.  A small, intimate space, where she could provide her clients with the best customer service and personalized services. She also had a passion for helping people become confident in themselves. In this industry there are many ways of doing so; physically, mentally, and emotionally. She always believed in becoming the best you, you could be; to still be YOU but a better version of your self; To be YOU but with a twist and a cherry on top. Simply you = SiMPLEE U